GTO Volume 2
Volume 2 of GTO manga


Onizuka enters the Mizuki household, taking her family by surprise. He marches his way into the fatherís bedroom, and smashes a hole in the wall between Nanakoís parentsí bedrooms. Having done so, he leaves, leaving the rest of it up to Nanako to solve. By now his teaching period is over, so bids farewell to his students. He receives a letter of thanks from Nanako. Her family may not be as close as they once were, but through Onizukaís interference, Nanako sees some hope. She is very grateful and gives Onizuka a special farewell, asking him to come back and see her someday.


Onizuka brags to his friends about what a better job he will have as a teacher in his High School girl paradise. Feeling smug, he goes home, where his friend Ryuji asks him why he isnít taking the exam to become a teacher. When he convinces Onizuka that there really is an exam, Onizuka races to the venue, breaking all sorts of speed limits. But he is too late. Onizuka is depressed about the exam and drowning his sorrows when Ryuji appears to try and cheer him up. But Onizuka only wants to be a teacher. Ryuji expected Onizuka to be irresponsible, and gives Onizuka some information he has found about private schools looking for teachers. Onizuka chooses this moment to throw up on him.


After calling many of the numbers on the list from Ryuji and going to the employment agency, Onizuka finally finds a private school looking for teachers by interview (Tokyo Kissho Academy) He is reading up about it on the bus when a pretty woman bumps into him. He notices a hole in her slacks and is going to go in for a feel when someone else beats him to it. He exposes the culprit and threatens him. Later, the woman thanks him and they find out they are interviewing for the same position. Onizuka is joyful at the prospect of working with her (Azusa Fuyutsuki) and walks into his interview with a big smile. Heís shocked when he sees that the vice-principal Uchiyamada is the man he threatened on the bus earlier.


Uchiyamada is very scornful during Onizukaís interview, picking apart every bit of his application. He calls Onizuka scum, which is something Onizuka really hates. However, Onizuka keeps his cool (not in his imagination) and leaves. He buys a coffee milk from the lady at the school shop and tells her how he would never call his students (or anyone) scum. Suddenly, an expelled student, Ebisawa, enters, destroying things and shouting for vice-principal Uchiyamada. Onizuka rushes to defend the v-p, but the v-p tries to get Onizuka to beat up the Ďscumí. Onizuka gets mad and performs his German Suplex (wrestling move?) on Uchiyamada.


After injuring the vice principal, Onizuka yells at the staff about calling people, and students scum. He withdraws his teaching application and leaves. As heís leaving, Azusa runs out and tells him she is moved by what he has said and to never give up on teaching. 3 days later Onizuka is apprenticing as a long distance truck driver. Heís chatting to Ryuji on the mobile when Ryuji mentions a letter from Tokyo Kissho Academy wanting to employ him. But he needs to interview by 6pm that same day. He turns the truck around in the middle of the highway and races back at full speed, causing all kinds of havoc. He arrives at midnight and the woman from the school shop comes out to greet him.


The distance truck driver wakes up in his truck to find himself surrounded by police with guns. He is arrested, and they donít believe another guy (Onizuka) was part of the crime. Onizuka finds out that the school shop lady is actually Sakurai, a chairperson on the school board. Onizuka is surprised that he gets the job so easily. Sakurai explains that with so many problems at the school, she needs the power of his German Suplex. He agrees to work, and she gives him one condition of employment.. to live in the school. He agrees, assuming they must have a dorm for teachers. Later, Sakurai is talking to another teacher, Itagaki, about her hopes for Onizuka. And we see that he is an enemy of Onizuka, like so many of the conventional teachers are.


Finally itís April, time for Onizuka and Azusa to begin their teaching jobs. After fixing up his license (which got into a few accidents), they hitch a ride with Ryuji to their school. Onizuka is really excited about his new position as a teacher (well, a substitute teacher). Expecting to stay in a special dormitory for teachers, or maybe a penthouse, he is shown his room.. the top floor landing. No walls, no door, just a stairwell. He is sulking in his new residence, eating dinner on the roof, when he hears some laughter and goes to investigate.


Onizuka has a very busy night at the school. He begins by scaring away a couple of kids on the school roof, then decides to poke through all the teachersí desks. Then he finds some kids outside trying to call UFOs to land. He throws them out and they retaliate by putting UFO graffiti on the walls. Onizuka chases them away and has to scrub the walls down. He hears sounds and finds a boy who was robbed and shut in a locker. The boy is furious and ashamed. He goes up onto the roof to kill himself, and Onizuka climbs out to try and stop him from jumping. Unfortunately, he trips and ends up pushing the boy off himself. He manages to grab the boyís hands, and the boy settles on the ledge of the floor below, but then Onizuka loses his grip and plummets to the ground, squashing a car. Sakurai peers out of a window, and is happy that Onizuka has already been successful (he saved that boyís life.)


Sakurai bandages Onizuka and the boy in the infirmary, telling Onizuka that he can be a school hero, like the National Kid (who is that?) Then she leaves Onizuka to take the boy home. He rides him home on his motorbike, giving him kinds of advice. The boy is ashamed to go home (and tell his parents he was bullied) so Onizuka climbs up to his window and shows him how to break in. The boy has a room full of manga, anime and video games. (our kind of paradise..) Noboru (thatís his name) thanks Onizuka, and Onizuka announces that he will make school interesting, even fun. Next morning, the vice principal is flabbergasted by the state of his car. The v-p also finds out that Onizuka did it and has been employed, which irritates him further. Then another teacher tells him that Onizuka will be in charge of the infamous class 2-4, and the v-p becomes gleeful.

end volume 2..