GTO Volume 3

Attempted plot summaries of volume 3…


It’s the opening ceremony for the new term at Tokyo Kissho Academy. It is time for the teachers to speak to the students. He begins his speech when he realises that he is going to be teaching middle school. He is shocked and starts arguing with the vice principal while the mike is still on. They cut his speech and put the next teacher on. His class have witnessed the whole scene. After being yelled at, he is given a pep talk by a weird teacher and Azusa as well. Onizuka enters his classroom with a lot of attitude and is stunned by his quiet attentive students. They tell him off for being improper. He’s wondering why there’s not one bad student in there.


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Onizuka walks into school to find bdsm photos of himself plastered everywhere. All the students, and miss Azusa, are horrified and shocked at him. He shouts "it’s not me not me!" and proves it by showing that his butt is not scarred like the guy in the photo’s is. All the females scream and once again Onizuka is in trouble. Another teacher explains to Onizuka that these are doctored photos. Meanwhile in the classroom his students are laughing about what has happened. Noboru (the boy Onizuka helped the other night) feels bad about it. When Onizuka returns, there is a photo of him and the vice principal naked on the blackboard. He is furious, and asks who made this. The student raises his hand, and Onizuka has a private chat with him (asking him to doctor some photos of women he provides) …


In the cafeteria, Onizuka’s students serve him a cockroach in his curry. To their horror, however, he complains that it’s all sauce and not enough food. He tips his serving back into the pot and proceeds to serve himself. Kunio ends up with the cockroach and is staring in disgust at it on his spoon when Onizuka runs past him for more croquettes. He bumps Kunio in the back accidentally and he eats the bug. Furious, Kunio and the students plan another revenge. Kunio is laughing at a scissors trap when Onizuka comes up behind him and tells him to go into the classroom. Kunio falls into the trap and the scissors just miss his face. Onizuka is concerned for Kunio and tells him it’s dangerous to leave scissors around, which angers Kunio even more. He storms out of the classroom. Later that day, Kunio is relieving his stress in a game centre. He starts to play ‘Tekken’ against an anonymous opponent. He keeps losing and looks around to see who he’s playing. It’s Onizuka, who ends up kind of challenging Kunio.


First they start with the motor racing simulator. Kunio is sure he has won until Onizuka beats him in the last few seconds. Kunio then gets an amazing score on a shooting game, causing even passers by to stop and stare. But Onizuka does better (impressing the passers by even more). He proceeds to defeat Kunio on the hit cute mole things game, car racing, toy grabbing and even fortune telling. Each time he is very nonchalant. Kunio pretends he is really sad about his defeat, and sneakily cufflinks Onizuka to an arm wrestling machine, fleeing on his bike. Onizuka tears the sumo wrestler off the machine and runs after Kunio, racing against his bike. Suddenly a woman knocks Kunio off his bike, telling him that it’s dangerous. Kunio apologises to his mum and Onizuka is amazed that she’s his mother. She kicks him. Then she finds out that Onizuka is Kunio’s substitute teacher.


Onizuka goes out for okonomiyaki with Kunio and his mother. Onizuka and the mother flatter each other while Kunio cooks. Onizuka says she’s so young and she says that she’s already 27. She is talking about how when she was younger, she noticed she gained weight and by then was 6 months pregnant. But then she had a baby, isn’t he cute. Kunio is embarrassed by his mother, and hating the fact that Onizuka is there, drinking beer with her and perving at her.


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End volume 3