Finally! the manga scans..

Because I'm using page builder, these pics will have to be linked by text or you'd have to wait for tons of pages to download. So decide from the text whether you want to see the pic or not.

Bowling Onizuka goes bowling with someone's mum..
Maniac!! One of Onizuka's naughty expressions..
let's play Imagination in the sandpit..
Greato. an expression of joy..
Pretty Lady.. "Hi I'm 22 and single.."
Who me?? Onizuka trying to look pure..
A Cat..? Onizuka's gang identity ^_^
a profile just a profile of Onizuka Sensei
"Give me a smile" Cheering up a student..
NOT a swastika.. Calling in his boys..
Nice body.. Onizuka at his desk..
Mmmm.. Onizuka smoking..
Going for a ride Onizuka tries to humble a student..
For my sensei~! A present from his student..
"..." Onizuka is irritated..
Naniii?! Why is he wearing a Godzilla suit?!
Etchi Doraemon Onizuka making a jiji face..
What a hero! He will do anything for his class..
Ulp! Onizuka's reaction to the teacher's licensing exam..
Mere worms.. More 'humbling'of students..