Tanabata no Kuni on the GWO
Tanabata no Kuni

Tanabata means some sort of Festival of the Stars in japanese. I'm not sure exactly how that ties in, or what exactly this manga is about. I'll give it my best shot..

In feudal japan, a clan of warriors, under the direction of a strange figure, learnt how to create balls of energy through concentration. These balls would destroy anything, be it stone, metal or even human flesh. Not much else is known about what happened, although related relics still remain in museums.

Some of the descendants of these wariors taught their children the skill over the generations, right up to the present day, where some university students catch on and become very interested in the 'party trick' they have discovered. At the same time, someone else is also using these powers, and destroying huge city blocks as well as murdering people. The students decided to search for the place where it all began, eager to learn more. At the same time, they notice that as they use these powers, subtle changes occur to their bodies.

This series was on sale when I bought Kiseiju, and the salesman told me that it is very popular today in Japan. I can see why, because even though i have no background information (e.g. some english Mixx magazines for parasyte) I am still very interested in it. It is published by Big Comics, and the 4th volume has just come out.