GTO on television..
For GTO on TV....

The GTO TV drama!

GTO has been playing a TV dramatization for quite a while now. It stars singer Takashi Soramichi acting as Onizuka sensei (this is a picture of him from one of his singles) and is aired 10:00 Tuesday nights by Fuji TV. It began on the 29th of June last year.

GTO Tv Anime!!

There is also a GTO TV anime being aired. It is on Wednesday nights at 7:30, also by Fuji Tv. The picture on the right is from the back cover of the anime's theme song single. I haven't actually seen either of these shows yet, but the GTO hype is quite big in japan at the moment. Every comic shop has GTO posters, and with each GTO manga purchase, you get free GTO buttons to wear.