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Welcome to the GTO info site. Just a quick disclaimer.. GTO(Great Teacher Onizuka) is written by Fujisawa Tooru and published by KC Magazine Shounen Comics. I do not own them so please don't sue me. This is a mere fan site..

The main focus of the books is, of course, Onizuka Sensei himself. What drew me to read these is his character.. when it comes down to it, he really does want to help. His methods may be unconventional, but the message will get across.

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Attempting to get the website back in order again. I've found so much about GTO on the internet, it's exciting!

I am desperately looking for help in MANGA SUMMARIES.. please email me at if you think you can help, and we can discuss from there. Thanks a lot!

Created: 17 july, 1999.
Last update: 3 july, 2000.
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