GTO VOlume 1
Volume 1 Summaries..


An introduction to Onizukaís character. He is unemployed, canít find a job, bored. His history: he dropped out of high school then went to university hoping that he could get a job with lots of fame and fortune. Also, he is a virgin. However, he is finding this hard. He came to Tokyo with his friend Ryuji. In lesson 1, he meets a school girl named Erika by peeping up her skirt. She suggests he buy her lunch and he ends up taking an interest in her. But just as he is about to get somewhere, the girl runs back to her boyfriend, who turns out to be her middle aged, balding teacher. Onizuka is shocked. And after such a turn of events, he decides.. to become a teacher.


Onizuka gets himself a new haircut and sets off for his new student teaching position at Musashino Kichijoji Higashi High School. Heís excited about the high school girls that will be there. He meets a cute young school girl who has lost her volleyball, and then meets another student teacher: Hidero Osawa. Hidero is a student teaching Ďmaniací who is addicted to young school girls. Hidero encourages Onizuka to chase after the young girls at the school. Heís hopeful, but his class turns out to be full of Ďturksí. Heís very disappointed about the class, but then he meets the volleyball girl again.. her name is Nanako Mizuki. Heís happy because she is also in his class and is very attentive. One evening when he is walking home, he sees her, crying alone outside. She has fought with her parents, and asks to stay at his house for the night. When she begs, he finally agrees.


Onizuka asked Nanako to wait outside while he tidies his room. He is panicked because his room is such a mess and filled with porn magazines and other embarrassing things. As he is cleaning, Nanako barges in, not minding at all. ("this is such a manís room") Suddenly, Nanako removes her school uniform, standing before him in her underwear. He is surprised, when some of his male students jump into his room taking photos to blackmail him with. Furious, Onizuka, finds the young turks later, backed by his motorcycle gang. Then they proceeds to torture them (water torture, dragging them behind their bikes..) The next day, he is resigned to losing his chances at teaching, but his rebel students have miraculously turned over a new leaf, (out of fear) and his superiors are amazed. And he has impressed Nanako, who he is mad at, until she gives him her fresh panties.


Onizuka drives Nanako home, and is amazed by her palatial residence. Nanako invites herself over to Onizukaís for dinner, where she cooks him croquettes. She finds his 6-mat room nostalgic, and talks of her happier times with her family in their 6-mat room before they were rich and too busy to spend time together. She starts talking about how she will stay with Onizuka forever, when he kindly tells her itís time to go home. She stalls at the video arcade and begs him to let her stay at his house. He keeps refusing and she randomly jumps off the back of his bike, so repulsed against returning home. Onizuka finally gives in, and lets her stay over, sleeping outside in a blanket.


Three days later, Onizuka is complaining to Hidero about Nanako staying over every night. (how he has to sleep outside, poor thing) Hidero is astounded that Onizuka hasnít tried anything. Onizuka doesnít want it to be found out and lose his chances at teaching. Hidero suggests blackmail photos, convincing Onizuka to become an animal. When Nanako gets to his house, Onizuka is determined (heís dressed up as a wolf) While Nanako is blissfully cooking, he is setting up video equipment, candles etc. He is just about to tie Nanako up when she begins talking about her family in the 6-mat room again. She talks of her parents now, in separate rooms with a wall between them. He forgets his plans, and tells Nanako to go home, because this isnít the same place. She leaves, angry and returns home. Her parents both happen to be home for once, when they get a knock on the door from Onizuka and a sledgehammer.