GMO Great Manga Onizuka. yeah.
Welcome to the Translations/Summaries!

I don't have many of the GTO volumes, so this page will be updated constantly. If you want to know when major re-vamping is done, please join with listbot on the feedback page. thanks!

Just a bit about the new summaries..

I have found the bilingual versions of GTO very helpful in the summarization of this manga. So I will point out that they were translated by Stuart Atkin and Yoko Toyozaki. And of course, the original comic was written and illustrated by Toru Fujisawa. The credit goes to these people. (Not me, unfortunately!) Both the plain japanese version and the bilingual version belong to Kodansha and KC Magazine. I do not own the comics, I am summarising them for fans use only. No profit is made. I will put the ISBNs up on a separate page if you would like to order some GTO comics for yourself. Happy reading ^_^